Wearing underwear is a part of your daily life. You jump out of the shower, put on your panties, bra, socks, and clothes without thinking about the details. Sure, you might notice a little stray cat hair on your black pants or a loose thread on your favorite shirt. However, you may not be able to see the structure of your socks and underwear very well.

You wear them every day, so nothing new to see here, right?

Probably not, but have you ever thought about what that little pocket in your panties is for?

This little pocket is called the scrotum and it’s there to protect your lady parts.

Intended for women’s underwear shoes
Now that we’ve got your attention here, you can’t stop thinking about that little square of fabric.2 While it may not seem like much, it’s an important part of your underwear. Without it, your underwear, especially underwear made of synthetic fabrics, will be much less. The extent of damage to the underwear can indicate how often the underwear should be changed.

Comfortable underwear is not only a part of your underwear, but also a small pocket. You can find this additional fabric at:

Training pants and shorts
In all these areas, the turban is an important part of protecting the genitals from infection.

The answer to the question “what are panty pockets for” is simple: it’s extra protection. Most underwear is made of soft-to-the-touch fabrics, but those materials aren’t breathable. And it won’t moisturize your genitals. That’s why bras are usually made from soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking fabrics (like the bamboo fabric blend that makes Boody underwear comfortable up to the hips).

Can your underwear get infected?
In short, yes. Your body naturally produces moisture in the form of vaginal secretions, which is normal and healthy.3 But if you wear underwear that doesn’t remove the natural secretions from your vagina, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. The causes of excess moisture are:

Fungal infection
Urinary tract infections
Bacterial vaginosis
The gut helps keep your genitals dry and ventilated. Of course, even if you find underwear with the right material, you need to know how to wash your underwear in particular.

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