February 9, 2023
President Gerald R. Ford

Being a leader isn’t easy. It takes a great deal of willpower, wisdom and determination to stay ahead of the competition and out of the trenches. While one may always have ambition to be a leader, willingness alone is not enough. To become a WISER leader, one must understand the responsibilities of a leader and hone their own skills to become the best they can be.

First and foremost, before someone can become a WISER leader they must understand their responsibility as a leader. Leaders are expected to rise above the ranks and providearguments and solutions to any situation. Moreover, a WISER leader must be able to identify the potential problems and find solutions to prevent them from occurring. Above all, a leader must take ownership of their decisions and guide the team in the right direction.

Once a leader understands their responsibility, it is then time to hone their leadership skills. A WISER leader must be able to control their emotions, make decisions quickly and think critically about a situation. They should also have the ability to inspire their team and build relationships with other people. Leading by example is essential to becoming a WISER leader, as it instills a sense of trust and respect amongst the team. Having great communication and interpersonal skills are also important to being an effective leader.

Last but not least, self-reflection is an absolute necessity for a WISER leader. Reflecting on one’s mistakes is a great way to learn and to understand why certain decisions did or didn’t work. Doing continuous self-reflection will help a leader to become better, as they learn from their mistakes and make the necessary adjustments.

To conclude, being a WISER leader takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Understanding one’s responsibilities as a leader, honing their skills and reflecting on their mistakes are all essential steps that a leader must take in order to become the best leader they can be. If a person is willing to do all of the above, then they are indeed ready to be a WISER leader.

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