February 9, 2023
Being Spiritual – Is Coming From a Place of Loving Kindness, With Unconditional Love

When one thinks of spirituality, it is often viewed from a spiritual perspective, which involves some type of religious belief or practice. But there is more to spirituality than religious traditions or beliefs. Being spiritual is about connecting with the Higher self, connecting to our own true essence and knowingness, and understanding the connection between all of life. It is more than just believing in a higher power, it is one’s personal essence, and the connection they will share and embody with the divine.

True spirituality requires coming from a place of unconditional love and loving kindness. When someone is spiritual, they will be able to understand the Higher Self and how to create a more peaceful balance within oneself and the wider community. They will understand the power of holding space for all parts of the experience and embracing what is, while maintaining a sense of connection with all that is.

When coming from a place of loving kindness, the spiritual being is open to learning what lies beyond our physical senses, allowing us to see the presence of the divine and its power to move us spiritually and to heal. By aligning with this divine energy and passionately embracing all of life’s experiences, one is able to move into their own unique path of growth and healing.

To be spiritual also means to accept one’s own unique story and to explore the depths of our unique personal potential. We can be more aware of the subtle divine presence in our lives and take time to observe, see, feel and explore our thoughts, emotions, and physical body in order to create balance. It is through this balance that we are able to better connect to ourselves and ultimately, the divine.

When someone is spiritual and follows their own path of growth and healing, they are able to live a fuller and more expansive life with more connection, peace and love. Being spiritual means coming from a place of loving kindness and unconditional love, allowing the divine to create the space for growth and healing, and for a greater level of understanding.

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