Best Life Insurance Companies of 2022

When you’re the principal provider of your household’s income, and you’re worried about their safety financially if you die, a life insurance policy could give you peace of mind.

Life insurance can help your family members with funeral costs or tuition costs to cover the loss of income for your children or any other financial requirements.

Below are our selections of the best life insurance companies for March 2022. We’ve listed the distinct advantages of each along with the many types of policies they offer and the rates they charge.

If you’re searching for Life Insurance you should look at the rates offered by different firms to determine the most competitive rates.

Best Life Insurance Companies Reviews

1. Bestow

Why we chose this format is: It is because the Bestow Life Insurance Company offers term insurance that is much more quickly and more easily than many companies and has unusual death benefit policies that do not require medical examinations.


  • High coverage (up $1.5 million) $1.5 million) without medical exam
  • The application is online and fast processing
  • The duration of the term can vary between 10 to thirty years.
  • Long (30-day) free-look period


  • There aren’t any riders currently available
  • It only offers one kind of life insurance, namely term insurance.
  • It is necessary to be less than 60 years old to be covered.
  • The policies aren’t accessible to only citizens from New York

Bestow is a fantastic option for people who want to buy life insurance but do not need the hassle of undergoing an examination for medical reasons. Bestow sells short-term insurance plans (and only policies that provide term insurance) which makes it possible to apply for the policy on the web to buy the policy without the need to visit the doctor or undergo tests such as the blood test. You can take advantage of as much as $1.5 million in coverage, which is more than other insurance policies that do not require an exam.

The company uses your personal information and your responses to questions concerning your health activities, hobbies, and other activities to determine whether you’re able to be eligible for life insurance and the price. Bestow says you can request an estimate of your insurance needs and buy it within a matter of minutes, and all on the web.

Bestow Policies are provided by an insurance firm that has been rated the best North American Company for Life and Health Insurance. Additionally, Life insurance from Bestow is currently available through the Lemonade app and on the website. Bestow also offers a comprehensive set of helpful information.

2. Ethos

The reason we chose the formatEthos is that it’s an insurance provider for life which can offer many prospective customers, and people who have had difficulties finding insurance before and are such old individuals. Additionally, prospective customers can receive an estimate within a matter of minutes, and without having to talk to an insurance agent.


  • sells permanent and term coverage, and also term insurance.
  • The Guaranteed Issue policies are readily available
  • Applications and quotations are online
  • Death Benefit Rider has acceleration, which is included in the majority of policies.


  • The public has only limited information on the optional riders
  • Limited permanent life insurance options

Ethos offers three distinct kinds of underwriting

  • Simple issueSimplified issue regulations require you to answer questions about your medical history and health. However medical exams aren’t mandatory.
  • Guaranteed issue policies, you aren’t denied coverage based on your medical history or health.
  • Completely insured fully insured policies are built upon medical examinations as well as blood test results.

Ethos employs either simplified issues or fully-underwritten processes of its term policies. It will also guarantee to issue underwriting for the entirety of its Life Insurance policies (no company we’ve heard of has term insurance policies that are subject to this guarantee).

The life insurance policy with the guaranteed issue is available to those who are aged between the ages between 65 and 85. Candidates can receive approval in just a couple of minutes for a sum of $25,000 in insurance regardless of medical background.

Most policies have the death rider, acceleration, which allows policyholders to access a portion benefit in the case of a disease that is fatal.

3. Sprout

TheSprouts is an internet-based Non-profit Life Insurance Brokerage that offers a simple and easy option to choose and purchase traditional, no exam, and life insurance policies that are guaranteed.

The procedure is three steps and is simple. This appeals to people seeking life insurance, but don’t want the hassles that come with applying for it.

Sprout provides a step-by-step method for purchasing life insurance online. The first step is to address a few simple questions about yourself and your life. These include your location and your health status, age and income, credit score, and the amount of physical activity you engage in.

Sprout utilizes this data in the following step to produce a “Quality of Life Index” (QL Index) that makes use of data and AI to provide unique information and price.

The final step is to select the plan and price that will best suit your specific requirements. It takes approximately 15 minutes from start to finish to fill out the online application, and then receive rates from the top companies.


  • Alternatives are accessible to those who identify as non-binary
  • Technology allows people to be matched with the correct coverage
  • Uses Quality of Life Index to provide coverage for policies
  • It’s a straightforward procedure
  • Individually
  • No exam and guaranteed options


  • The policy of not taking examinations can be lifted when you’ve filed for bankruptcy
  • No in-person assistance


4. Policygenius

Our reason for having picked it is: as a complete internet marketplace that sells life insurance Policygenius provides one-stop accessibility to term and whole policy life insurance from a wide choice of partners that includes the best life insurance companies on the list. In contrast with other comparison sites, Policygenius promises not to give your personal information to any third party.


  • Compare rates quickly and conveniently from a wide range of insurance firms.
  • Agents do not earn commissions based on the business.
  • Different kinds of insurance are accessible


  • Quotes online aren’t readily available for all providers.
  • This option is more time-consuming than other options to get an exact price

Policygenius is ranked first as the most efficient tool for comparison and broker because of its simplicity of searching across a variety of insurers. The Policygenius partners include names like AIG, Banner Life, Brighthouse, John Hancock, Lincoln Financial, Mutual of Omaha, Pacific Life, Principal, Protective, Prudential, SBLI, and Transamerica.

The marketplace online offers a vast collection of educational tools for those who are brand new to life insurance along with recommendations for life insurance for those who suffer from diabetes or depression. Along with the many options for coverage, like permanent or temporary coverage. These sources offer Policygenius with the best option to compare quotes for life insurance.

If you need assistance to select the best insurance policy or the appropriate amount of coverage, PolicyGenius’ agents can provide you with individualized guidance. They’re paid compensation, not commissions according to the business which is why they aren’t required to promote sales or direct customers to certain products that may result in higher commission percentages.

5. Haven Life

Why we chose the format because Haven Life provides an unusually wide range of life insurance options for the term which include plans with the most death benefits. The plans offer additional benefits, such as online tools to create the estate planning process easier.


  • Two types of policy on the subject Terms of Haven as well as Simplified Issue
  • Haven Simplified issue does not require an examination by a physician
  • A maximum of 3 million is allowed in the form of an insurance term
  • Haven This term refers to Haven Plus with discounted prices and benefits


  • Medical exams are required for more than $500,000 in insurance
  • Simple issue policies are not available in CA, DE, SD, ND, or NY
  • Haven Plus isn’t accessible within FL, NY, ND, SD, and WA
  • Policies aren’t able to substitute a Life insurance plan.

Haven Life gets our nomination as the most popular term insurance policy because of its extensive spectrum (1015 – 15, 15 and 20, 25-25 and 30 years) of terms available for policies as well as the amount of coverage that ranges between $100,000 to three million dollars.

Haven Life provides two kinds of policies for insurance on life that cover the long term: Haven Term and Haven Simple. Haven Term is a blend with Haven Life Plus, a rider that provides access to an online platform that allows you to create your will, trust, or other documents in addition to applications for tracking sleep and fitness as well as an online vault for storing essential documents.

Anyone younger than 64 could be eligible for $3 million in protection through the Haven Term. Haven Simple is only available to those aged between 20 to 55. The policy also includes the benefit of Accelerated Death Benefit.

6. Ladder

Why we selected this format is: True in its title, Ladder’s benefit lies in its flexibility. If your needs change, you can cut down or request additional insurance protection. The premiums begin at just $5 per month. That means that you can purchase insurance even on the most limited budget.PROS

  • The length of coverage is adjustable as needed.
  • Between $200,000 and $8 million in the long-term coverage
  • 30-days of no-cost Internet access instead of the usual 10-day timeframe
  • There aren’t any medical examinations required for the maximum amount of $3 million in coverage.


  • Plans are only available to people between 20 to 60.
  • Only short-term coverage is provided.
  • No additional riders

Even though it only offers short-term policies for applicants who are young Ladder is the most low-cost insurance we’ve found. It is an easy online form that only requires three steps and provides low-cost insurance plans which start at only $5 per month. The company does not charge cancellation fees, so you can cancel the insurance plan at any moment without any conditions that are attached.

Another benefit that is attractive to Ladder different from other insurance companies. The company permits policyholders to change their coverage anytime online and also with the associated price increases for premiums, which is a natural thing. This benefit will help policyholders to maintain their insurance costs all through the year. It is especially appealing to those who are worried about the possibility of future changes in their financial position shortly.

7. State Farm

Why we selected this format is: If you want to ensure the happiness of your clients is crucial to your customer, State Farm should be the best option. State Farm has an excellent reputation for customer service, along with a track record of success in being financially stable.


  • The company is ranked as the top in satisfaction with its customers
  • Very few customer complaints
  • Multiple choices for policies
  • Simplified-issue (no exam) policies available


  • Online quotes aren’t available for all choices of insurance
  • Most policies require medical tests
  • There aren’t any discounts when you bundle homeowners or auto insurance.

State Farm is a prominent insurance provider and our top choice for insurance companies in terms of customer satisfaction and reliability. In 2021 the company was recognized in the report of J.D. Power as the most reliable life insurance company based on consumer feedback. Power beat twenty-one other companies within the life insurance market by offering the best services in terms of product offerings price, communication rates, and customer service.

The company has with an Aplus (superior) rating from AM Best — the highest grade that can be earned, which signifies that the company’s finances are stable. Additionally, State Farm received fewer complaints than is normal for an organization this large.

State Farm sells term universal, universal, whole term, and general life policies. Although the majority of policies require medical exams some plans can be issued with a simpler application.

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