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How To Build Your Professional Image?

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To outlive, and thrive, in present day business community, it is necessary that you should project a fantastic picture of confidence, ability and elegance.

Your professional image is paramount element in obtaining the job that you would like. If you’re attempting to break through what we should call the ‘glass ceiling’, rivaling your male peers, to become effective your individual presentation is essential.

This can vary with respect to the industry that you work, the particular business occasion, and also the message you would like your image to deliver.

The list below of questions can help you on How to build your professional image :

  • What industry am I employed in?
  •  What’s my position within the organization?
  •  What exactly are my duties?
  •  With whom am i going to be liaising?
  •  Does my opportunity possess a dress code?
  •  What image should i convey?

When you identify the needed search for your projects, and also the image that you would like to project (teacher, lawyer, physician, social worker, sales, marketing executive, etc) now you can plan your wardrobe accordingly.

If you wish to move to an advaced status you have to fit the part even before getting there.

To become treated seriously, you have to project a vintage business image. This may no mean you need to look excessively conservative or dowdy. The garments you put on should reflect your very own style and image, indicating your individuality. If you would like recognition you have to stick out – with style.

Corporate Office

Traditional/well-established companies – banking, finance law, accountancy.

  • A vintage, more conservative look is needed. Wise suits, matched – matching skirt and jacket – projects a picture of authority, avoid cardigans because they look less than professional.
  • Avoid pants and dresses unless of course you’re employed inside a more progressive company
  •  Traditional colours could be appropriate – black, navy, gray, brown, and olive
  •  Avoid vibrant and pastel suits T shirts – whitened, or perhaps a contrasting coloured – t shirts provides you with your individuality.


More progressive companies – secretarial, advertising, sales, marketing, property

  • You may either go ahead and take above approach or put on clothing that’s more adventurous in colouring.
  •  Suits still apply – mix ‘n’ match jackets, skirts, pants and dresses are wonderful. Colour – yellows, orange, pastels
  •  T shirts – just like above Knit tops – t-tops, v-neck or scooped, recalling – much less low cut

Less formal

Teaching, social services, technical, etc

  • practical, coordinates that combine – pants/skirt and jackets
  • (Matching or contrasting) could be worn back having a sweater, knitted top, or shirt.



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