February 9, 2023
Inner Feminine: What Can Happen If A Man Is In Conflict With His Own Feminine Aspect?

There is no question that the development of psychological maturity requires both the male and female aspects of our personality. To put it simply, we all have an inner male and female, qualities that provide us with the necessary balance to reach our fullest potential. Yet when it comes to men, many often have an inner conflict with their feminine aspect. This can manifest as an unconscious hostility or distaste for femininity, or even a conscious attempt to reject feminine traits altogether. As a result, this can lead to psychological and social struggles, both of which can be detrimental to one’s overall wellbeing.

For starters, one of the primary issues that can arise if a man is in conflict with his own femininity is a decreased ability to be emotionally accessible. When a man consistently rejects his softer, receptive side, he will often close off and become emotionally distant from himself and those around him. This can lead to an inability to be emotionally responsive to his partner, peers, and even himself.

Another issue that can occur when a man is in conflict with his inner female is a lack of empathy and compassion towards others. Without a strong existing connection to his Feminine, a man may become overly critical and judgmental towards others, finding it difficult to identify and understand their feelings. This lack of understanding can often lead to an inability to support his peers and loved ones, exacerbating issues surrounding communication and relationship problems.

On the psychological side, a man who is in conflict with his Feminine may struggle with issues such as feeling disconnected, disempowered, or directionless. He may struggle to assert himself and be taken seriously in both personal and professional situations, as he has difficulty in accessing his inner confidence and strength. This can also be seen in his ability to achieve intimate connection and closeness, with boundaries being often difficult to establish in relationships.

In the end, it’s important to understand that the integration of the male and female aspects of the personality is integral to promoting healthy psychological functioning. In order to do so, a man needs to be more mindful of any biases or hostilities towards the feminine, and instead work to embrace his Soft, sensitive side in order to bring balance within. Only then can a man reach his full potential and enjoy healthier relationships.

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