February 9, 2023
No One Can Make You Feel Worthless

Every person is unique, special, and has purpose. Part of the human experience is the knowledge that we all have value. However, there are times when we can feel worthless and unworthy, sometimes to the point that it can be debilitating and lead to depression or lack of self-worth.

It’s important to remember in these times that no one can make you feel worthless. At the end of the day, you have control over how you feel about yourself and your value. You can take ownership of this and refuse to let anyone make you feel like you are not valuable or have nothing to offer.

It’s common for people to try to put down those around them, but it’s up to you to recognize when you are the one being targeted. Be aware of the power other people have over you and learn to prevent them from making you feel like you are worthless.

Doing things that bring value to yourself can be an extremely powerful way to build your own self-worth. Identify what you are good at and develop those skills. Seek out activities and relationships that help you expand your knowledge and enrich your understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Establishing a good working relationship with yourself is key. Don’t allow others to impose their value on you, because it’s not up to them to define your worth. Find activities, friends and hobbies that help you feel valued and important. Make your own sense of self-confidence and watch how that changes the way you interact with others and how they see you.

Remember that no one can make you feel worthless. The only person who can define your worth is you. You decide who and what can have an effect on your sense of self-worth and security. Take control of your life, focus on your strengths and create your own value.

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