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Self-improvement is any activity that stretches and engages your mind, improves your posture, improves your skills, or motivates you to take action. The human mind, uncontrolled and uncontrolled, tends to be drawn to constant patterns of thought and activity. You might call it “being in your comfort zone” or, more frankly, “stuck in a rut.”

The exciting news is that conscious effort to expand and energize your mind through continuous self-improvement helps you engage in many ways. For example, expanding your memory will help speed up your reading comprehension. The study of mathematical concepts often stimulates creative thinking. Improving interpersonal communication skills increases self-confidence. Furthermore, each of these activities stimulates the brain to be more active.

Self-improvement must be continuous and consistent. One of my favorite stories is told by Zig Ziglar who was asked by a reporter when he was about to give a motivational seminar. “You can pump these people today, but where will they be in 3 weeks? In short, is motivation permanent? His answer was, of course, “No, motivation is not always, but then no shower – and I highly recommend it.” The message is clear: a daily dose of positive and optimistic self-improvement is essential.

I know a man who at the age of 37 decided to go back to college and finish his studies majoring in English Literature. He found that the college experience stimulated his thinking about other areas of his life. Before graduating, he developed a business idea and started what became a very successful retail business. What does English literature have to do with retail, you ask? What. But education was a catalyst that got his mind active again. You can learn to engage your mind in the same way.

It doesn’t matter if you choose to learn speed reading, work on your situation, speak a new language, practice public speaking, or expand your vocabulary. The main thing is to engage your mind and then take action. Choose something that interests you and then go after it with all the mental strength you have. As you expand and lengthen your mind, you will be amazed at the greater ability you will have to think and think about problems, motivate yourself, create new ideas and discover innovative solutions.

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