February 9, 2023
Time For A New Tribe? When to Leave Outdated Alliances For a Truly Supportive Community

As more people begin to reclaim their power and seek personal fulfillment, opting out of certain alliances may be necessary in order to accomplish this. The world runs on its own individual social dynamics and alignments, and sometimes these outmoded agreements are holding us back from growth, progress, and meaningful connections.

At their best, social ties can support and nurture change. Alliances can be formed to benefit individuals and groups, lifting each other up and fighting for a cause. But too often, outdated alliances become counter-productive. In some cases, they can result in negative repercussions, including blocking progress and stifling growth.

It is possible to identify areas where our current alliances maybe becoming a hindrance or no longer serving a purpose. When this happens, it’s time to question whether they are still working and if it is healthier to move on.

Take, for example, alliances that are rooted in outmoded notions of hierarchy and leadership. While traditional practices emphasised patriarchal structures, like monarchies, the world today is a much different place. We are more open to the concept of a shift to democracy and a more unified approach to decision making. Joining a group which openly embraces these new notions is ideal for personal growth.

Other alliances can be more subtly underpinned with ideas of authority and power. Take, for example, class-based alliances that value money, connections, or physical appearance over personal character. Constructive conversations are difficult within these alliances, and growth can be hampered when individuals’ contributions are discounted or not taken seriously.

Breaking away from alliances that don’t serve our values can be tough, especially if we’ve built relationships within them. But it is important to remember that this kind of break is necessary in order to drive progress and create much needed changes.

When looking for a new tribe or alliance, it’s important to find people that put an emphasis on genuine, personal exchanges. Those that can listen to each other, and be welcoming, open and diverse in their membership are the most likely to foster opportunities for growth.

As more of us are awakening to realise our true potential, it is evermore important to identify and cast aside those alliances which society’s standards and values have dated to create a truly progressive and open community. In doing so, we can build a movement which is truly supportive.

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