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What Kind Of Cosmetics Can Cause Acne?

The look of acne, not exclusively due to hormonal factors, diet or hygiene faces unguarded. But additionally due to the utilization or choice of a cosmetic product that’s not right.

So, using or any type of cosmetic items that may trigger the look of acne? The next explanation.

1. Avoid creams and sun screens that contains synthetic Lanolin, that is highly comedogenic substances (triggers or cause pimples).

2. Use hair gel, hairspray along with other styling items to taste and do not go to the face. Why? Since these proper hair care items contain alcohol and oils, which could meicu acne. Make sure you cover the face while using the product.

3. Avoid perfumed creams or perfumed creams, as it can certainly cause skin allergic reactions and acne.

4. Use eye creams moderately, only if essential. Creams are usually thicker than regular skin lotions. Many or frequent utilization of eye creams can trigger acne.

5. Avoid or minimize utilization of glossy lipstick and lip balm. These two cosmetic items have comedogenic substances levels greater than regular lipstick.

6. Use loose powder eyeshadow and also the minimum, since it is generally thicker than powder and comedogenic. Both kinds of cosmetics will also be reasons for acne.

7. Avoid eyeshadow that contains shimmer. Mica contaminants in it may cause blockage from the pores of the face.

8. Stay away from cosmetic items which have expired.

9. Stay away from perfumed soaps to clean the face. Make use of a mild facial facial cleanser or face clean a minimum of 2-3 occasions each day to help keep the face area clean. Don’t scrub the face too strong, since it may cause irritation and infection that trigger acne.

10. Avoid doing facials using heavy cream, since it will result in irritation and infection due to acne.


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